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Demi Lovato was our guest friday morning.

We started the interview with a question from one of our dear listeners, Emily,

If you could break all rules for a day. What would you do?
- I have never been asked that before. I would run naked through The White House, with my dog Batman!

Looking forward to go on tour with her best friend
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas is going on their "Future Now" tour in June next year.

- I am so excited to go on tour with my best friend. The greatest thing about Nick is that he is hard working, kind and funny. He is a really good friend.

Demi Lovato
On the picture: Petter Pilgaard and Stian Roste from NRJ Norway. Demi Lovato

On Halloween, Demi performed the national anthem at the 4th game in The world series in New York.

- I felt that i did a good job. Luckily i didn`t miss any of the words.

Christmas gift for Wilmer Walderrama
- It is difficult to find a gift for him. I found that for him, he charises the thoughtful gifts.

- I`ve actually knitted him a scarf before, and he liked it.

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